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Created using key points from articles in respected medical journals. Sources include The Center for Disease Control and the American Diabetic Association. 

Puzzle packs of 10 are delivered to your email after you subscribe. This months pack includes the following topics: 

  • Benefits of Exercise

  •  Calcium & Vitamin D for bone health

  •  Dental Care

  •  Good sleep for good health

  •  Healthy diet

  • Losing weight

  • Making sense of food labels

  •  Preventive care of older adults

  • Staying healthy when traveling

  • Vaccines

This content promotes critical thinking skills and incorporates topics essential to health, wellness, and disease prevention.

Crossword puzzles are said to be the most popular and widespread word games in the world and are especially appealing when the content is relevant to one’s own health.  

This site offers medical puzzles for everyone!! There are a variety of categories to appeal to a wide range of individuals. Non-medical people as well as medical professionals will find a puzzle that they just have to solve.

Mini Crossword puzzles are perfect for busy people who want to enjoy their precious free time wisely! Easily accessed on any mobile device or smartphone, minis are fun and engaging!